Sueños y Sacrificios

In the high Andes of Peru, each year in the month of June thousands of people come together to dance at the pilgrimage site of the Lord of Qoyllur Rit’i. The film follows one of the dancers, Laura, who makes the pilgrimage for the first time, and the sacrifices she makes to fulfill her dreams.

Afstudeerdocumentaire gemaakt voor de opleiding Visuele Antropologie.
Lengte: 40 minuten




Research, camera en montage: Lotte Haase


Intima Lens Festival, Italy
Culture Unplugged, online film festival
Cine las Americas, Austin, US
RAI Film Festival, London, England
Astra Film festival, Sibiu, Romania
Worldfilm, Tartu, Estonia
Lima Film Festival, Peru
Cusco Film Festival, Peru
Beeld voor Beeld Festival, The Netherlands